Walt Disney’s MultiPlane Camera

18 Dec , 2011  

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  1. Now I understand the random sugar bowl lids! I read your posts out of order! I adore that you do that with sugar bowls. We have a piece of rope “Growing” out of a tree in the back…which is very cool and I ought to photograph it…but I wasn’t the one who left it there. Putting a sugar bowl in a bush…that’s just simply marvelous. Why the heck haven’t I done that? The next antique shop I go to I’m buying a hideously ugly sugar bowl…the lid goes in my bird bath and the bowl goes in my lilac bush.

  2. al otro lado de la pantalla uno que piensa igual y está igual de feliz, emprender mola pero la gente NO sabe lo duro que puede llegar a ser!

  3. Williams:What exatly this means ? please let me know i am going this kind of tough time , very tough ,thanksHi Gurjinder,I would be happy to explain if I knew what you were asking about.S.W.

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